In September 2013 I started a website: (also on Facebook and Twitter) which has been called 'a lifejacket for people', and now gets between 10-15K hits a month. It is built by users, and sells nothing except self-empowerment. It is a one-stop shop for body, mind and spirit-all are involved in the deep healing process-  do pass it on to anyone who could use it, and we all know someone who could- thank you. As a shopkeeper said to me when I left him some leaflets: 'This is noble work'. Join us?

The new year

I have just written a new paper about how memory impacts on the writing of memoirs and also our clinical and academic work.

This will be presented at the ESREA conference at Canterbury University March/April 2013.

Here is the link to the pdf.

In October 2013 I read a version of a paper about the writing of this book, alongside excerpts from the book itself,  to the New York Contemporary Freudians. We had a very lively and interesting discussion and it was much appreciated by us all. I hope Molly will continue to find appreciative readers.


In December 2014 I will read another version, with updates, to the BPF Scientific meeting in London.


Since the inception of the new site:  in October 2013, hits to this site have steadily increased to nearoy 300 per day (May 2014). We have a team now promoting it worldwide. 'A lifejacket for people' as one person said, and this is our slogan.


I started this site in order to help people recover from the trauma of cancer diagnosis- it sells nothing except self-empowerment , is built by its members and has forums on different topics such as:  

Diet and the Body (including many recipes), meditiation, music, poetry and laughter, a reasearch section where a science correspondent posts on the latest developments in the feld, creativty after diagnosis, a library section with book reviews, plus Meet the Team and Latest News... 


Do join us or pass on to those who might find this helpful.  The latest endorsement was:

Dr Roger Foggitt,Counselling Psychologist in the field of Oncology and Palliative Care in  New Zealand: ‘this is a very valuable resource for all those who struggle to achieve the right balance between quality and quantity of life, when facing treatment options with huge implications for themselves and their loved ones, as a result of living with cancer’.

The site sells nothing except empowerment,  as I said previously. It is a service to get this information to people who will find it useful, so please do help by passing it on, or going onto the site, creating an acocunt and posting under one of the forums. This site will be built by users, and it is All About All of Us.