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Dr Judith Edwards was a consultant child and adolescent psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic for many years, where she also still lectures and teaches. She was Course Tutor for the MA in Psychoanalytic Studies for ten years, and gave up the role in July 2011.

Apart from publishing papers in academic journals internationally, she has contributed to many books including most recently The Emotional Experience of Adoption, Acquainted with the Night: Psychoanalysis and the Poetic Imagination and she also conceived and edited Being Alive: on the work of Anne Alvarez.

Her Selected Works LOVE THE WILD SWAN was published by Routledge in their World Library of Mental Health series in November 2016.

For full list of published work, see Google Scholar.

She was the winner of the Jan Lee Memorial Prize in 2010 for the best paper published on psychoanalysis and the arts: 'Teaching and learning about psychoanalysis:Fiim as a teaching tool with reference to a particular film, "Morvern Callar" ' British Journal of Psychotherapy, Vol 26 No 11, Feb 2010

www.cansurviving.com (title says it all)


Judith started cansurviving.com in order to help people recover from the trauma of cancer diagnosis- it sells nothing except self-empowerment , is built by its members and has forums on different topics such as:  

Diet and the Body (including many recipes), meditation, music, poetry and laughter, a reasearch section where a science correspondent posts on the latest developments in the feld, creativty after diagnosis, a library section with book reviews, plus Meet the Team and Latest News... 

do join us or pass on to those who might find this helpful. It has been called 'a lifejacket for people' and the latest comment was:

Dr Roger Foggitt, Counselling Psychologist in the field of Oncology and Palliative Care in New Zealand: 'this is a very valuable resource for all those who struggle to achieve the right balance between quality and quantity of life, when facing treatment options with huge implications for themselves and their loved ones, as a result of living with cancer'

Judith has also edited many psychoanalytic books, including Live Company by Anne Alvarez, Arctic Spring: Potential for Growth in Adults with Psychosis and Autism by Laura Tremelloni, and Psychotherapy with Young People in Care by Margaret Hunter.
For full details see the CV pdf

Judith Edwards has published a memoir of the first 10 years of life, called Pieces of Molly: An ordinary life.

Published by Karnac, available on Amazon.

See book launch photos here

In describing the process of child psychotherapy and recommending three key books, she says that a child’s emotional life is as ragingly complex as any adult’s.

She has also written HELP! a guide to child psychotherapy for children, available from harris-meltzer-trust.org.uk

Judith Edwards is also interested in linking images with psychanalytic thought. The power of the image often bypasses words.

See some of her photos here.

Also this paper on Gormley and Public Art.