Hare ragù with pappardelle

Tuscan hares hare along at speeds of up to 70 kph. They have been designated as symbols of the moon (rather than the cow who flew over it) and Tlistening. Their long sensitive ears quiver at the slightest sound. In March they start looking out for mates,
and boxing away in the age-old manner. Who's gonna get the girl?

Well let's have another look at that. The accepted wisdom was that two male hares boxed in order to prove who'd be the best mate. But no, it seems females (the does) also box (how empowering is that!), to discourage overenthusiastic males…. Does push back.
When Yeats visited his friend Ezra Pound in Rapallo, he must have seen the fleeting shapes left by hares in the grass as he tramped the mountains around and above Rapallo and wrote his famous. Lines about the frail and fleeting memory we all possess, and the women he personally had known...

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